How To Create A Designer Kitchen

How do you create an attention-grabbing, designer kitchen on a reasonable budget? How do builders and remodelers design kitchens that sizzle? They’ve figured out the secret to creating kitchens that sell. They hire a kitchen designer! So, if builders think kitchen design is a smart idea, do you think it might be worth the investment?

Today’s remodeled kitchen can easily cost $25,000 – $50,000 or more. If you are going make a sizeable investment upgrading your kitchen, you may want to allocate a portion of your budget to kitchen design. Why? Because a good designer comes up with great ideas. You pay for a trained eye to see what you can’t see. A good designer suggests design elements that won’t blow the budget. They know which details are relatively inexpensive, but add significant “punch” to your project.

Once you’ve budgeted money for design (generally 3-5{9a5576f6c15837344cb65118fe0625bfeb4efbef8e09ec9553d8019457d9eb64}), now what do you do? Well, before looking for a kitchen designer, start thinking about what want in your kitchen. A kitchen designer will ask you what you have in mind so they can narrow the focus of your design. Is there a specific appliance that you want to make the focal point of your kitchen? Do

Kitchen Design

A home is never complete without a kitchen, and nothing is more important than a well-kept, fully equipped and strategically designed kitchen cook delicious meals and let a family sit and share their day’s activities. The elaborate designs and modern kitchen utensils and appliances show us how much the kitchen environment has evolved throughout the years. Modern kitchen these days do not look anything like how we used to see in our grandmothers home.

The design of a kitchen, the settings and the appliances vary from one person or family to another. The design will depend on how large the family is, the size of the kitchen, the lifestyle of the family and how much time is spent in the kitchen. Another important thing to consider when designing your kitchen is how much walking or moving space is needed.

Gone are the days when all that mattered about a kitchen was whether a decent meal could be prepared. Today’s modern kitchen demands everything be in sync and up to date. The kitchen floor tiles and color need

Design Ideas for the Traditional Country Style Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen compared to other rooms and some would refer to it as the heart of the home. Years ago, the kitchen or cooking room was always the busiest and deemed the most important and we still hold on to that concept today. The minimalist, clean uncluttered kitchen was the fashion many home owners preferred but over recent times the traditional country kitchens look and feel is becoming more popular again with homeowners.

The general idea of traditional farmhouse kitchens is that they are only suited to larger rooms but this is no longer the case, the farmhouse, cosy kitchen feel can be achieved even in smaller rooms. In this type of kitchen design, the kitchen floor is normally tiled and some of the options are quarry tiles or Natural stone flooring. There are many options when thinking about Natural stone and there are many colours in which to choose from. The advantages of Quarry tiles and Natural tiles is that they are very durable and ideal for a busy room such as the kitchen. Quarry or Natural tiles also give that traditional

Stove Safety

How many times has it happened to you, or have you heard of it happening to someone. You’ve got supper on the go and the something happens to distract you, the phone rings, the kids get into something or a surprise visitor pops in. Next thing you know suppers burnt, the pots boiled dry or in extreme circumstances you have a real kitchen fire on your hands.

Now imagine that you are elderly, perhaps even with early onset Alzheimer’s. Becoming distracted and forgetting what you are doing with even the slightest distraction becomes a very real possibility. Ever year preventable kitchen fires are started with thousands of dollars in damage being caused from the smoke alone. There are a few steps you can take to greatly lessen the chances of a disastrous kitchen fire happening to you.

1. This may seem almost to obvious, but it is an incredibly common cause of kitchen fires. DON’T LEAVE THE KITCHEN. If you remain in the kitchen the odds of you forgetting the stove is on are much less than if you are in another room. Also if something does start to go wrong you are right there to stop it immediately. If you

Building Outdoor Kitchens: The Hottest Trend In Cool Entertainment

Building outdoor kitchens is all the rage and if you haven’t already built one, I’m sure you’ve got an outdoor kitchen plan for your home. And why not upgrade your backyard to be the hot spot on the block for entertaining and relaxing.

Outdoor kitchens increase your living space adding tremendous value and appeal to your home. That’s why building outdoor kitchens is the second most popular remodeling project after indoor kitchens.

However, building a great outdoor kitchen is a complex project.

You can certainly enjoy your backyard and grill up some tasty BBQ on any charcoal or gas grill, but to truly bring your kitchen outdoors requires significant planning, skill and expertise. This project is not a do-it-yourselfer.

Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

Your basic outdoor kitchen set-up will include a built-in barbeque grill, countertop, sink, refrigerator, outdoor kitchen cabinets and cozy outdoor furniture or barstools for yourself and all your guests to kick back.

The barbecue grills on the market today offer so many bells and whistles shop around to determine how much grill you want.

Next, the type of countertop surface is a crucial decision when building outdoor kitchens. Options include tile, quartz, solid surface, granite and other natural stones. Choosing the right

Wholesale Kitchen Sinks

To cut costs in buying kitchen sinks, it would be wise to find stores that sell kitchen sinks at wholesale prices.

Nowadays, the definition of wholesale in most industries, such as the kitchen fixture industry has been redefined. While there are still stores that offer big discounts for buyers who purchase a large number of items, there are also some stores that offer products at wholesale prices without requiring the consumer to make bulk purchases.

In the U.S., kitchen sinks are being sold at wholesale prices because of strong market competition. The concept of selling kitchen sinks at wholesale prices came with the advent of the Internet. The new technology made it easier for manufacturers to advertise their product. Not long after, mere 5{9a5576f6c15837344cb65118fe0625bfeb4efbef8e09ec9553d8019457d9eb64}-10{9a5576f6c15837344cb65118fe0625bfeb4efbef8e09ec9553d8019457d9eb64} discounts did not suffice anymore to attract shoppers. Manufacturers then resorted to offering kitchen sinks at wholesale prices.

Among the most common types of kitchen sinks sold at wholesale prices are those used in the food industries. In most countries, especially in the West, aluminum sinks are preferred. The thickness of the gauge of aluminum sinks makes it appropriate for frequent usage. Because the materials used in such sinks are readily available, manufacturers find it easy to sell the

How to Clean Carbon Steel Knives

Carbon steel knives are popular with professional cooks because of their durability and capacity for maintaining a sharp edge. Keeping the knife blade sharp is one of the best ways to fine tune the most important tool in your kitchen. After sharpening, keeping your carbon steel blade clean and rust-free is the second most important component of a proper maintenance strategy.

1. Rinse your knife with hot water and apply a small amount of dish soap to the blade. Scrub the blade and handle with the soap and rinse well. Dry the handle and blade immediately.

2. Spread several drops of mineral oil onto the surface of the carbon steel blade and rub in with a chamois, cloth or paper towel. Over time, this practice will create a protective coating on the blade and will prevent rust and discoloration from marring the blade.

3. Hang your carbon steel knife in a dry area, away from the stove and sink areas to help prevent rusting.

4. Wash and dry your carbon steel knife immediately after use. Do not leave carbon steel knives on the cutting board while you complete another task–carbon steel will begin to discolor if left sitting wet or when used to

The Four Basics in Kitchen Interior Design

If you are considering remodeling, decorating or redoing your kitchen layout, there are several things you must consider before you shell out thousands of your hard earned money. It is no wonder you want to redo the interior design layout for your kitchen. Often a remodeled kitchen can return 2 times the cost of its investment when the house sells.

And with this decorating and kitchen layout remodel, you not only make money in the future but also you greatly improve your standard of living while you are still in your home. But getting to the point where your kitchen has been successfully redone can be a big undertaking. While sketching out and working on an interior design layout is not rocket science, it’s also not for the faint of heart.

Kitchen Interior Design Planning

The kitchen is the center of almost every home. It is the one place where you gather with family and friends, prepare and eat meals plus handle family business or personal finances. So any prolonged construction work or project

New Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Considering a new kitchen renovation? The kitchen began as a place to cook, serve dinner and eat. It was a room in the house that served a purpose, much like a bedroom to sleep in or a bathroom to get dressed in. But with today’s new open floor plans in homes across the country, family and friends often mingle in our kitchens. Renovation ideas should begin with that in mind. As one of the more popular renovations in home improvement, there is a lot that goes into making your kitchen shine.

Whether your kitchen flows into the living room or stands alone, items such as couches, flat screen televisions, computers and more are great accessories in kitchens. Renovation is not just refurbishing your existing kitchen. With a new kitchen renovation, the opportunities are endless. You can add the before mentioned items, build a kitchen island with stools for extra seating, add a panoramic window, a slider and deck, or closed in porch.

The first place to start with a new kitchen renovation is with the cabinets, floors, countertops and appliances. These set the mood in the room with color and texture. Granite, marble and limestone countertops are all popular in today’s new

How to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Most people take a long time to notice that their wood kitchen cabinets are in desperate need of a good scrubbing. This is because dust and other materials take so long to build up that we do not usually notice that it is happening until we’re standing in the middle of our kitchen and saying “why does it look like we have cherry cabinets? I thought we bough oak kitchen cabinets when we moved in!” The simple truth is that buildup happens at the microscopic level and it isn’t until it has formed a deep coating on something that we notice it is there. It can take weeks, months or even years to notice that something is amiss because we grow used to the different appearances of our cabinets.

Thankfully, giving your wood kitchen cabinets, whether they are oak kitchen cabinets or cherry kitchen cabinets or even maple or spruce, does not have to be difficult. It will likely be time consuming (good and thorough cleanings always are) but in the end you will be surprised at how new and shiny your cabinets look!

First you should take everything out of your cabinets-especially the items that you rarely use. Run everything through